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Title: Lovefall
Artist: Adam Zafrian 
Medium: Mixed media on stretched canvas 
Size: 16" x 20"
Ready-to-hang with wire/saw-tooth hangman attached.

30 Days Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee

All of Adam Zafrian's paintings showcased are original pieces that are painted on high quality stretched canvas. They are primarily created using professional grade acrylics(And occasionally uncommon and intriguing mediums) with a multitude of different applicants ranging from palette knives and brushes to non-traditional and contemporary methods. This creates varying textures that allow these paintings to be hung alone, without framing while still bringing out the colors and life of a room. The edges of the paintings are at least minimally painted so that it can be hung without a frame if needed. 

The painting is varnished using a medium gloss UV resistant multi coating that will assist in allowing the painting to be easily maintained for years to come without worrying about diminishing colors or dust. The edges of the painting are also varnished in the case that the painting is hung without a frame.

Arrives wired and ready to hang upon request, or can be set up with a saw-tooth hangman for easier use, and will be sent in a protective bubble casing specific for sending artwork. This painting is not sent rolled in a tube and does not need to be stretched, it is already attached to a wooden frame.

Shipment will be scheduled the day of payment and domestic sales are expected to be delivered within the week. Please don't worry as there won't be any trouble with the shipping process, and if the product is damaged in transit it will be covered by the artist. International shipping is handled case by case and is usually far under the cost of actually packaging+shipping. Contact seller for details regarding artwork or commissions.


Artist Blurb:


Adam Zafrian is a fine art student currently based out of his birthplace, New York City. His work features techniques reminiscent of the well known abstract expressionists before him with new explorations into mediums and applications previously unavailable. Studying not only the techniques of a multitude of other abstract expressionists such as Pollock, Richter, Kline and Rothko, he has also attempted to include contemporary tools and ideas in his art. Using acrylic polymers, intensely pigmented mediums from new studios competing to create the deepest and most vibrant paints, and the work of Kremer Pigments which creates historically accurate colors from high quality raw materials, his artwork is pushing boundaries for the new abstract expressionist wave of painters. 

From brighter vibrant triptychs to more bold color palettes, his abstract works featured here is also known for their highly textured and organic composition. There are also other expressionist paintings of various styles including portraits, landscapes, and geometric mixed media artworks.

He currently manages the Thirty Collaborate's schedule and social media accounts and is accepting collaboration requests/commissions.

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